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Data-Matique can cut, form and weld various of material. We handle aluminum alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, bronze, brass, silver cooper, titanium, nickel alloys, plastics, etc. See a more complete listing here, or contact us for additional information about your specific requirements

Yes. Data-Matique uses an advanced CAD/CAM system to receive and interpret your digital datasets in most standard file formats.

Our laser cutting machines can cut Steel up to 0.750" and Aluminum up to 0.500" Cupper can be cut up to 0.060" Forming machines can Brake material up to 0.250" and small size up to 0.375".

Our laser cutting machines can hold tolerances of +/-.003" Hole-to-Hole, and +/- .005" linear dimensions, with repeatability within +/-.001". Visit our laser cutting pages for more information about these processes.

Yes. Our HURCO VMX84i MACHINE CENTER, 4 AXIS, WITH 84"X34"X24" TABLE can handle material up to 84" x 34" x 24" and up to 12" thick