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Inventory Management

At Data-Matique we strive to exceed all customer’s expectations while maximizing profits and minimizing costs.  By streamlining processes we are able to effectively oversee our Inventory Management system enabling us to offer the absolute best standards in production and delivery.  For more than four decades, Data-Matique has used reputable and effective inventory management systems so that each customer’s project and goals can be located throughout the entire production process to ensure accuracy and on-time completion.

We are proud to use the internationally renowned KanBan Lean Assessment System and Just In Time Inventory Management to keep our production schedules in-line, inventories at manageable levels and completion dates reachable.

Inventory Management Capabilities
  • Order processing, tracking and fulfillments
  • Component Sourcing
  • Special labeling, bar-coding and serial number assignments
  • Dock-To-Stock
  • Regular Inventory Counts
  • In-Plant Consignment
  • International and Domestic Drop Shipments
  • Shipping Via Major Carriers (including FedEx and UPS)
  • Pick-n-pack, Re-labeling, Re-packaging
  • Durable, shrink-wrapped EDS Packaging Materials
  • NAFTA Certifications
  • ROHS Compliancy
Quality Control Guarantee

Our operational support experts and quality control department utilizes special techniques and equipment to thoroughly examine each product before they are shipped to their final destination. Data-Matique is proud to be in full compliance with and certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Standards.