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Laser Cutting

Data-Matique offers laser cutting as part of its collection of special services. Laser cutting is generally a necessary part of the finishing process and consists of using specialized lenses, which use extreme energy density to concentrate on a specific spot on the material.  This extreme energy melts the material under a high-pressure gas jet, which cleans the surface and blows the molten material out of the new cut. Our machines are manufactured with the best laser cutting tools that provide precise, superior and precision cutting. From the smallest hole to unique shapes and complex openings, the laser cuts we produce are done right the first time eliminating the need for re-dos and additional procedures

Laser/Punch Technology and Facility Capabilities

  • (1) Trumpf L2530 3000 Watt 4’x8′ Bed Laser.
  • (1) TRULASER 3030, 4000 Watt, Fiber Laser
  • (1) TRUMATIC 7000, Punch/Laser Comb with Automation
  • (1) FINN Power LP6 Laser/CNC Turret Press 5’ x 10’ Table with AUTO Load/Unload
  • (1) FINN Power C5 CNC Turret Press Table 4’ x 8’ with Automation
  • (2) STRIPPIT Fabrication Super 30/30
  • Hole diameters, hole to hole centers:  +/-.005
  • Flange dimensions:  +/-.010
  • 4′ x 8′ Sheet Size, Cutting capacities: 1″ Steel, .375 Aluminum, .625 Stainless Steel
  • Sheet Metal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminum
Accepted Formats

Data-Matique accepts a variety of data exchange profiles and formats in PC-based software and hardware.  Some of the formats we accept are listed below.


MS Office:  .ssf, .xls, .doc, .snp, .tiff, .ppt, pub, xlsx

Compressed Folders:  zip, agile,7z

Drawing File Formats:

  • Dxf, PDF, tiff, hpgl
  • ACAD Drawing 
  • Design CAD Drawing 
  • Solid Works Drawing 
  • Part and Assembly Models
  • .igs, .stp, Para solid,X_T
  • Solid Works Models 2014
Quality Control Guarantee

Our operational support experts and quality control department utilizes special techniques and equipment to thoroughly examine each product before they are shipped to their final destination. Data-Matique is proud to be in full compliance with and certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Standards.