Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical AssemblyData-Matique offers mechanical assembly as an important part of the completion process of a finished product.  We offer production hardware and assembly for virtually all of our machining products—from prototypes and single pieces to subassemblies.  Our mechanical assembly services include manufacturing and fabrication for assembly of parts, machinery components, equipment and systems.









Mechanical Assembly Capablities

Our wide range of precision-controlled technologies and machinery allow us to offer numerous adaptable assembly capabilities.

  • Flexible Shaft Couplings

  • Hose Assemblies

  • Kitting

  • Hardware Insertion

  • Riveting/Bolting

  • OEM Subassemblies

  • Gasketing

  • Fans and Switches

  • Cables

  • Handles and Locks

  • Bolt Together

  • Plumbing Assemblies

  • Brazed and Weld Assemblies

Assembly Machines

(4) Haeger Hydraulic Press

(2) Rivit & Hardware Inserting Machine

Accepted Formats

Data-Matique accepts a variety of data exchange profiles and formats in PC-based software and hardware. Some of the formats we accept are listed below.


MS Office:  .ssf, .xls, .doc, .snp, .tiff, .ppt, pub

Compressed Folders:  zip, agile

Drawing File Formats:

  • Dxf, PDF, tiff, hpgl

  • ACAD Drawing (any version)

  • Design CAD Drawing (any version)

  • Pro-E Drawing (any version)

  • Solid Works Drawing (any version)

  • Part and Assembly Models

  • .igs, .stp, Para solid

  • ACAD Models

  • Pro-E Models

  • Solid Works Models

Quality Control Guarantee

Our operational support experts and quality control department utilizes special techniques and equipment to thoroughly examine each product before they are shipped to their final destination. Data-Matique is proud to be in full compliance with and certified to ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100C Standards.

Assembly Technology 
Assembly Technology