Sheet Metal Manufacturing


Sheet Metal ManufData-Matique prides itself in being a full-service provider of precision sheet metal fabricated parts to a wide range of customers.  This particular line of manufacturing is a fundamental part of our day-to-day business and our experienced craftsmen are experts in this field. 

Our technologies and tools allow us to offer a variety of methods to create and produce our metal into your specified products. From shearing, punching and cutting to working with some of the finest in raw materials such as steel, copper, brass, stainless steel and aluminum, Data-Matique has a proven track record in the successful completion of fabricated products.


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CNC Machining


sheet metal manuf

In modernized technical industries that require precision manufcturing with tight specification, accurate machining is essential.

In some industries, such as medical, where tiny, intricate parts are required in order to complete the manufacturing process, expert CNC machining is crucial in order to fulfill the parts needed.

Data-Matique has the skilled professionals and automated CNC equipment to produce every part perfectly—regardless of the shape, size or specifications

CNC—computer-numerical-controlled—machines are a regular part of our every day machining processes.  We follow CAD and CAM specs precisely so that our machining experts can produce one-of- a-kind parts for use in a wide reach of industry 


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Welding Services


welding servicesData-Matique offers exclusive welding services in-house utilizing our new welding bays to build weldment assemblies. Welding is the most common method used to permanently join metal parts. During the welding process, heat is applied to each metal piece, melting and fusing them to form a permanent bond.  In metal fabricated products it is used to create building parts such as fixtures, cabinets, cases and other related products for a variety of industries.  Data-Matique’s master-certified welders use sophisticated technologies and equipment to create quality-welded products.  We are proud to have the following welding certifications:  AWSD-17.1:2001 and WBP-503-101.


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Laser Cutting


Laser CuttingData-Matique offers laser cutting as part of its collection of special services. Laser cutting is generally a necessary part of the finishing process and consists of using specialized lenses, which use extreme energy density to concentrate on a specific spot on the material.  This extreme energy melts the material under a high-pressure gas jet, which cleans the surface and blows the molten material out of the new cut. Our machines are manufactured with the best laser cutting tools that provide precise, superior and precision cutting. From the smallest hole to unique shapes and complex openings, the laser cuts we produce are done right the first time eliminating the need for re-dos and additional procedures.




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Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical AssemblyData-Matique offers mechanical assembly as an important part of the completion process of a finished product.  We offer production hardware and assembly for virtually all of our machining products—from prototypes and single pieces to subassemblies.  Our mechanical assembly services include manufacturing and fabrication for assembly of parts, machinery components, equipment and systems.





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Inventory Management

Inventory_ManagementAt Data-Matique we strive to exceed all customer’s expectations while maximizing profits and minimizing costs.  By streamlining processes we are able to effectively oversee our Inventory Management system enabling us to offer the absolute best standards in production and delivery.  For more than four decades, Data-Matique has used reputable and effective inventory management systems so that each customer’s project and goals can be located throughout the entire production process to ensure accuracy and on-time completion. 

We are proud to use the internationally renowned KanBan Lean Assessment System and Just In Time Inventory Management to keep our production schedules in-line, inventories at manageable levels and completion dates reachable.

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